There's a Rhino Net for every occasion...

9" Black Bag


Weighing in at just 1lb., the Creekin’ net is what you need for backpacking, creeks, and small


A larger head and “wide-mouth” shape allows you to fit that lunker that’s been hiding for a
while. Great for fish up to 20”



15" Black Bag


Designed and built for almost any fishing situation. Holds up to 16 lb. carp or 38” fish.


Weighs just under 2 lbs. You will commonly see this net on kayaks and urban jungles.



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19" Black Bag


Designed specifically for the biggest fish you are chasing. Roots deep in the LA River, the net is ready to withstand fish up to 45 lbs. and take abuse.


Handles can be sized to your needs (up to 42”) depending on how you are fishing.



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